iPhone/iPad Development

Mobility, accessibility, variety, efficiency – these are the features that sum up the global progress of iPhone/iPad development in the field of mobile technology. Of all the mobile equipments which surfaced in the market, these products prevailed because of constant innovations that further enhanced real-time exchange of data and consumer-friendly user interface.


iPhone/iPad development are both dependent on an operating system, known as iOS, which can support bundled applications from its manufacturer as well as third-party applications.


iPhone was introduced by Apple in the market in 2007. In the third quarter of 2010, 13.5 million units were sold across 89 countries. Its features attract customers of all ages, including business entities. The development of applications for iPhone revolves around many useful features. The user interface boasts a scratch-resistant touch-screen with virtual keyboard and graphical selection of available applications. The display reacts to built-in sensors which enables calling without accidental inputs, switching screen orientations, and controlling games. Internet connectivity is varied and capable of operating from the strongest network signal it could detect from the vicinity. E-mail supports viewing of HTML and standard office applications, making it possible to stay connected in the office. Instant photo sharing with social networking sites is also a joy-ride for users.


The iPad is a hand-held tablet computer designed by Apple mainly for audio-visual media. It started to be marketed only in April 2010 but developers for various applications catering to this platform continue to multiply. In addition to playing music and games, viewing e-books, movies and internet-connected TV programs are among the popular usage of iPad. Thousands of programs are created for this hand-held device and application development is continuously ongoing to accommodate the demand for a more portable management of everyday activities.


Observers of the mobile technology industry believe that iPhone/iPad development will continue to dominate in 2011. Software developers for the mobile platform arena would continue to grow resulting to launching of more applications other than what is offered by Apple.

April 06, 2011
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