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Welcome to Macy Mind

The rapid advancement of technology has become overwhelming. Long time ago, the wheel was a giant leap in technology, but now we can communicate with someone at the other side of the earth, or we can download huge bits of information in seconds with just a palm-size device.


The invention of mobile devices has made many things a lot easier for us. Be it for personal, job-related, or business reasons, we cannot deny the immense help of these electronic devices in our daily lives. Besides the assistance on work-related matters, mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad cover a wider scope in our lives. They provide entertainment through the addictive and fun mobile games that were once available only in game consoles. They can play back high-quality audio and video that were once available only in stereo and television screens, respectively. They provide hobbyists such as photographers and bloggers with easier ways to update and share their works and ideas. That is just the tip of the iceberg. With the continuous development of mobile apps, the possibilities grow exponentially every day.


We at MacyMind understand how big the potential is for even more and better possibilities of mobile device technology. Our works have helped many people achieve both simple and complicated tasks with just a few taps on a mobile phone. We are dedicated to developing programs and applications that can make you and your hand-held device achieve tasks more efficiently and more effectively.


Our main domain of services is mobile development which includes creating and developing programs and customized applications. Because of the large number of users and the developer-friendly platforms, we focus our services to iPhones, iPads and Android mobile phones. We also provide stunning web design and effective web development that can complement your personality, business, company, or whatever your site is about. Visit our Services page to know more.

April 06, 2011
iBollySongs will be live soon.