About Us

MacyMind is all about helping iPhone, iPad and Android users maximize the potential of their powerful devices. Our expertise in mobile development makes us one of the best in this field. We provide customized applications and programs for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With several years of experience, we have provided our services to many individuals and companies in different industries from the US, Australia, South Africa, Europe, and basically all over the world. We are dedicated to meeting your expectations and ensure your satisfaction through the high quality of our work.


Our Mission

To provide unmatched services to our clients within the superior standards of mobile and web development through our expertise, dedication and professionalism.


Our Vision

To be the leading mobile and web developer meeting the ever-growing demand of mobile and web technology around the world by applying the latest trends to our practices.


Our Guarantee

Client satisfaction has always been our goal in every single work we do. We assure our clients that what they want is what they get.


Our Work Process

Each project differs from one another but we follow a simple process to keep our workflow organized and consistent:

  1. Gathering requirements and analyzing the project.
  2. Designing the application wireframe.
  3. Communicating with the client and repeating previous steps as necessary until project overview and specific details are finalized.
  4. Designing the application.
  5. Creating the application prototype.
  6. Integrating the application with the actual client data.


About the Founder

With a strong mindset and a handy set of knowledge and skills in information technology, Manish Patel founded MacyMind on July 8, 2010. After finishing Information Technology, he worked as a company team leader for 3 years while also working as a freelancer. He left his job and became a full-time freelancer and eventually started his own company, MacyMind.

April 06, 2011
iBollySongs will be live soon.