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The rapid advancement of technology has become overwhelming. Long time ago, the wheel was a giant leap in technology, but now we can communicate with someone at the other side of the earth, or we can download huge bits of information in seconds with just a palm-size device.
The invention of mobile devices has made many things a lot easier for us. Be it for personal, job-related, or business reasons, we cannot deny the immense help of these electronic devices in our daily lives. Besides the assistance on work-related matters, mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad cover a wider scope in our lives. They provide entertainment through the addictive and fun mobile games that were once available only in game consoles. They can play back high-quality audio and video that were once available only in stereo and television screens, respectively. They provide hobbyists such as photographers and bloggers with easier ways to update and share their works and ideas. That is just the tip of the iceberg. With the continuous development of mobile apps, the possibilities grow exponentially every day.
We at MacyMind understand how big the potential is for even more and better possibilities of mobile device technology. Our works have helped many people achieve both simple and complicated tasks with just a few taps on a mobile phone. We are dedicated to developing programs and applications that can make you and your hand-held device achieve tasks more efficiently and more effectively.
Our main domain of services is mobile development which includes creating and developing programs and customized applications. Because of the large number of users and the developer-friendly platforms, we focus our services to iPhones, iPads and Android mobile phones. We also provide stunning web design and effective web development that can complement your personality, business, company, or whatever your site is about. Visit our Services page to know more.



MacyMind is all about helping iPhone, iPad and Android users maximize the potential of their powerful devices. Our expertise in mobile development makes us one of the best in this field. We provide customized applications and programs for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With several years of experience, we have provided our services to many individuals and companies in different industries from the US, Australia, South Africa, Europe, and basically all over the world. We are dedicated to meeting your expectations and ensure your satisfaction through the high quality of our work.

To be the leading mobile and web developer meeting the ever-growing demand of mobile and web technology around the world by applying the latest trends to our practices.

To provide unmatched services to our clients within the superior standards of mobile and web development through our expertise, dedication and professionalism.

Each project differs from one another but we follow a simple process to keep our workflow organized and consistent:
1.Gathering requirements and analyzing the project.
2.Designing the application wireframe.
3.Communicating with the client and repeating previous steps as necessary until project overview and specific details are finalized.
4.Designing the application.
5.Creating the application prototype.
6.Integrating the application with the actual client data.

Our Guarantee

Client satisfaction has always been our goal in every single work we do. We assure our clients that what they want is what they get.

About the Founder

With a strong mindset and a handy set of knowledge and skills in information technology, Manish Patel founded MacyMind on July 8, 2010. After finishing Information Technology, he worked as a company team leader for 3 years while also working as a freelancer. He left his job and became a full-time freelancer and eventually started his own company, MacyMind.

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iPhone/iPad Development

Apple’s infamous mobile and tablet devices are two of the best-selling hand-held devices nowadays. With the increase in their sales is also the growing demand for mobile applications and programs. We develop applications specific to your needs, whether it be related to business, social networking, news or entertainment. We integrate the applications with the devices’ multi-features such as touch-screen capabilities, Internet, Bluetooth and others.

Customized iPhone/iPad Applications

Millions of iPhone and iPad applications have already been downloaded from Apple’s servers but many individuals and businesses require applications that are suited to their specific needs. We can customize existing iPhone and iPad applications or build one from scratch that will match your requirements of an application that is perfect for your business or personal needs.

Web Design and Development

A website is the online portal of you and/or your business. It deserves nothing less than the best design and functionality. We create modern and professional website designs that can help reinforce your message. We also develop website functionalities that cater to your specific needs and requirements. With our development, everything is designed to meet your guidelines and not the other way around.

Android Development

Android is a relatively new mobile platform based on the Linux operating system. Because of its flexibility and potential for bigger possibilities even beyond mobile technology, we also develop applications for the Android-powered handsets. We apply our exemplary programming skills and our experience with iPhone development to create something new in the open-source community.

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications for business, entertainment, news, social networking, sports, travel, finance, education, health and fitness, music, video and blogging. We also develop mobile applications for push notifications, in-app purchase, location-based service, GPS navigation, and device communication.

Part of our professional service is regular and timely communication with our clients to ensure that we are both on the right track of the development as well as to keep them well-informed about the progress of the development.

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MacyMind is a company built from a vision backed by talent, creativity and skills. As a competitive provider
in the field of mobile and web development, MacyMind does its part in enriching the market and at
the same time catering to the individual needs of mobile users.

Brief History

Manish Patel founded MacyMind on the 8th of July 2010. As a graduate of Information Technology, his interests include mobile and Internet technology. He started as a freelance

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About the Name

MacyMind is inspired by the Mac computers from Apple. The founder, Manish Patel, is very fond of using Mac OS. By combining the concept of using one’s thinking brain with a Mac, he came up

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Scope of Services

Based in Gujarat, India, MacyMind provides mobile and web development services to various individuals, companies and industries all over the world from Asia, USA, Australia, Europe

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It is our goal to provide the best and cost-effective services to our clients through our rich experience in mobile development, design, and leadership.



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